Blue-crowned Laughingthrush

 Blue-crowned Laughingthrush

They live close to human settlements exclusively in Jiangxi, China, roosting in trees and nesting in shrubs.

Wild Diet

Their diet consists of fruit, insects and seeds.


The laughingthrush roosts in trees, coming to the ground in flocks to forage for food.


3-5 eggs are laid, with an incubation period of approximately 14 days.


The species is threatened by the exotic pet trade, although habitat destruction provides their main threat. Building developments have already destroyed blue-crowned laughingthrush nesting and roosting sites and the species has not received legal protection from land developments.

We have had success breeding this Critically Endangered bird at the zoo, adding to the worldwide population.

 Blue-crowned Laughingthrush


  • Latin Name: Pterorhinus courtoisi
  • Class: Birds
  • Order: Passeriformes
  • Conservation Status: Critically Endangered
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