Red Tailed Racer Snake

 Red Tailed Racer Snake

This species is found forests in South East Asia.

Wild Diet

This snake feeds almost exclusively on birds in the wild, but in captivity has been trained to eat mammals too.


These beautiful snakes spend their lives in trees, wrapped around the branches or hiding in hollows. They rarely go to the forest floor.


Sexual maturity is reached at age 4, and a female will lay a clutch of between 3 and 8 eggs, usually between September and January. The eggs will hatch after 16 weeks incubation.


Like many species from South East Asia, these snakes suffer due to the degradation of their habitat.

 Red Tailed Racer Snake


  • Latin Name: Gonyosoma oxycephalum
  • Class: Reptiles
  • Order: Squamata
  • Conservation Status: Least Concern
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