Brazilian Guinea Pig

 Brazilian Guinea Pig

Brazilian guinea pigs are native to savannah and open grassland across South America.

Wild Diet

They are herbivores and feed on grasses and other herbs.


These rodents are social animals that live in small familial groups. Scent marking is used to mark an individual's territory, ward off rival males and to attract potential mates.


After a gestation period of around 60 days, usually 2 well-developed pups are born. The young are able to fully move just a few hours after birth.


The current population of this species is stable. Brazilian guinea pigs are medium-sized rodents that are important prey for big cats, raptors, snakes and lizards. 


  • Latin Name: Cavia aperea
  • Class: Mammals
  • Order: Rodentia
  • Family: Caviidae
  • Conservation Status: Least Concern
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