Blacksmith Plover

 Blacksmith Plover

These birds can be found in wetland areas of Kenya, Tanzania and southwestern areas of Africa.

Wild Diet

Their diet is made up mainly of aquatic invertebrates.


Also known as blacksmith lapwings, these birds are highly territorial, reacting aggressively to other species when they cross into their area of wetland.


Blacksmith plovers breed in spring, building a nest made of reeds, twigs and mud. They will build their nest on land or in the shallows. Eggs are easily camouflaged as they have a speckled black and grey shell. Chicks have the distinctive long legs of the adults.


Like many wader birds, they suffer from the loss of their wetland habitat.


  • Latin Name: Vanellus armatus
  • Class: Birds
  • Conservation Status: Least Concern
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